Enlightenment (Short Film)
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Enlightenment (Short Film)
Full Cast & Credits: Written & Directed by Narendra Kumar J
Director of Photography Gomtesh Upadhye Original Music by Narendra Kumar J Cast: Gajendar Dave
Harish Rao
Vivek Kori
Ravindra Prasad
Supreeth Samuk Genre: Mystery, Drama, Esoteric
Language: English
Synopsis A modern day IT professional attains Spiritual Enlightenment and frees the world from its suspended conscious reality. 'Esoteric' means intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest. Review on IMDB: Short, Meaningful and to the point!!!
Author: Shweta Sharma from India
4 September 2014 It is an amazing film with a great performance from the protagonist. This movie touches the core feeling of every person, young and old alike, who at least once in their life have wondered about the meaning of their existence and the purpose of their life. Personally it struck a cord with me because somewhere in my mind i had the same questions which have been handled beautifully in this movie.The acting was intense and leaves an impact on the viewers. Kudos to the team of Enlightenment!!! Please continue the good work and thank you for enlightening us all. P.S.: Please don't miss the movie. It has a lot to offer spiritually as well!!
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